A reply to a related comment.

Here are clues to identify whether  an -ing form verb a gerund or  a participle.

If the word comes after (am/was, are/were, or is/was) it means the word is present participle. If the word takes the role of a noun, the word is gerund. To examine if a word functions a noun see if;

a It comes after an action verb.

b. It  functions as the subject of the sentence.

c It function as the object of the verb.

Example of participle::
1 She is sleeping right now.
2 They are hiking that hill.
3 She is jogging

Example of Gerund.
1 She likes skating very much. (after an action verb)
2 Smoking is not good for your health (as a subject)
3 I would like you to stop gambling. (as an object)

Let’s try to replace the above gerund with a real noun

1 She likes ice cream very much.

2 Alcohol is not good for your health.

3 I would like you to stop that car.

They are meaningful sentences.

Try to replace the above participle, the sentence becomes meaning less for ex.

1 She is ice cream

2. They are car

3. She is rice.


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